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My name is José Alexis Barrero Arciniegas, I am fifteen years old

I was born on March 23 of 1998 and the hospital San Rafael, Espinal-Tolima

This is my family, my mother is Dora Lilia Arciniegas, she is a housewife, my father is Humberto Barrero,

he is a businessman, and my brother is Alejandro Barrero Arciniegas

My brother is Humberto Alejandro Barrero Arciniegas, he is seventeen years old and is studying industrial

engineering at the University of Ibagué

I live down the block B2 house number one,neighborhood Villa Catalina, Espinal-Tolima

My favorite food is meat, rice and salad

I love sports because it helps to improve my physical health, my favorite sport is soccer.

I have many friends, I really have good relations with everyone especially my classmates,

my best friend is Sebastian Ortiz.

I will study industrial engineering

I will like study in the University of Ibagué

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My fears are many but the fear of heights is the worst of all, I always had this phobia

and I hope that someday overcome

In my house we have a pet, he is a cat, his name is spots, his race is creole and he is very intelligent

In my free time i like to go online or play in the computer.

In vacation I visit the city of Bogotá, I was in many parts.

This is my facebook profile

I want to live in the city of Miami, that is a beautiful city, and has amazing beaches

She's my girlfriend, is a beautiful woman and I love her.

This is my room, sleep there and I really like

This is my photo as a "ñero" is very funny

They are my classmates, they are good people and are very friendly

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